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Colorful Rainbow Chakra Bracelet

Colorful Rainbow Chakra Bracelet

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Chakra is energy of the universe that is found deep wihin us all. Chakra system  recognizes seven distinct centers of energy that are perpetually in motion along the human body’s spinal column.

Each possessing its own color and vibrational frequency, these wheels are the catalysts of consciousness and human function.

Each stone resonates with its own energy, releasing a frequency that will “speak” to your chakra and calm any agitation and anxiety in your thoughts and spirit. The result is a more balanced mind, stable emotions, and a calm aura that will help pull you through a rough moment in your life. you back to your spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically healthy self.

The basic human chakra system, as it is commonly accepted, consists of seven chakras stretching from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Their names, locations and colors are below

  • Size (Approx) - Total Length: 18cm / 7 inches; Bead: 8mm; Spacer Bead: 8x6mm; Material:Semi Precious Matte; Quantity:1 Strand; Metal: Tibetan Silver
  • Bracelet restores and balances your 7 Chakras that will give you a strong overall sense of well being.


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