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3 in 1 Kid's Play Tent | Polka Dot Play Pen With Ball Pit

3 in 1 Kid's Play Tent | Polka Dot Play Pen With Ball Pit

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Do the kids need something to do, but also need to be outside having fun instead of sitting around the house?

Childrens Play Tent

This 3 in 1 Kid’s Play Tent is a perfect solution to your little ones’ boredom. This colorful polka dot play pen with ball pit and tunnel will keep them, and their imaginations, occupied for hours on end. It’s quick and easy to set up for parents and three little ones can have fun in the play pen at the same time. Add some bright balls into the ball pit feature (balls not included) and your kids will never want to leave.

Kid's Play Tent


3 in 1: There is a tent, tunnel and ball pit for your children to all play in at the same time. They won’t get bored with this playset.

Tough Polyester Construction: This play pen set is made with a tough and durable polyester. It can take many little feet running around in it for many hours!

Quick Setup: No ropes or hooks or complicated instructions are needed to set this play pen up. It’s literally only a matter of unfolding it and let the fun begin for your kids!

Kids Play Tunnel


Fun Together: See your kids’ faces light up in this play pen and while they enjoy playing with other kids. Socializing and physical activity are just some of the benefits they’ll get from playing in this play pen!

Outdoor Fun: Set this play pen up outdoors for real adventure. Your kids will love being outside once more!

Multi-Fun: 3 kids at a time can have fun in this play set. No more tantrums from having to wait their turn to play!

Totally Safe: The tent is made with the highest quality in mind and there are no sharp edges, corners or rash inducing areas to hurt a child's skin. A breathable polyester keeps it well ventilated and insects out.

Play Pit With Balls
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