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Adjustable Back and Neck Stretcher

Adjustable Back and Neck Stretcher

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The power of Magnet Heat Therapy and Acupuncture

The Adjustable Back and Neck Stretcher features an adjustable arched design lined with 58 acupressure points and 18 cores that come with magnetic and heated functions. The heated treatment and magnetic therapy help relieve stiff muscles, reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, massage your pinched nerves, and elongate your spine.

Within seconds, you notice blood rush through your neck and spine for an intensely relaxing experience.

Back and Neck Pain Relief - This spine stretcher is an excellent back stretching device, enabling you to stretch your core muscles and decompress your spine, thus reducing lower back pain.

Flexible to Suit Your Comfort - Boasting an unlimited arch height adjustment from 1.4” to 5.3”, this lumbar stretcher is designed for all ages and fitness levels to stretch your back and neck.

Get Massaged while Stretching - 18 magnets and 58 acupressure knobs on the back cracking device are small enough that they don’t cause discomfort while massaging and relieving stiff muscles.

Lightweight but Sturdy - Made of premium quality ABS and NBR material, this back cracker board can support up to 440 pounds of maximum weight. The foam strip in the middle of the device provides welcomed cushioning.

For Back Pain Sufferers - This back bridge stretcher is especially beneficial for sciatica, bulging discs, pinched nerves in the back, poor posture, or other back pain problems. Get supported in chairs or stretch on the floor.

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