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Back Brace with 6 Support Stays, Tourmaline Self-heating and Magnetic Pad for Lower Back Pain Relief

Back Brace with 6 Support Stays, Tourmaline Self-heating and Magnetic Pad for Lower Back Pain Relief

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Experience quick and lasting back pain relief

The Back Brace comes with adjustable compression straps and removable support stays and 3 extra pads to offer constant compression on your back muscles and spine. This helps improve blood circulation to your muscles and relieves chronic strain on your back caused by poor posture, injury, herniated discs, lifting weights, or chronic overuse.

  • 4 removable metal support stays
  • 2 flexible spring support stays
  • 1 self-heating pad with 9 magnets inserted
  • 1 cozy pad to keep warm
  • 1 pocket pad for other inserts
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Adjustable compression straps
  • Lower back pain relief

Plenty of support right where it matters

The Back Brace features 4 removable metal support stays, 2 flexible spring stays, and adjustable straps which allow you to adjust the amount of support on your back when you’re wearing the brace. You’ll also find that this customizable belt does a great job at providing support without restricting your other movements.  

Snag-free and breathable compression brace

No itching, chafing, or sweating! The Back Brace is made using a soft, elastic mesh fabric that is gentle when worn directly over your skin. The mesh design also ensures that your skin can breathe with ease, preventing excess sweating during the day.

Removable pads for extra comfort

The back brace comes with 3 removable pads which you can use in different situations for extra comfort. The self-heating pad needs to be worn directly on your skin to generate heat. A cozy microfiber pad to keep comfortable and warm. And a mesh pad with a pocket can be used for gel, herb or extra support pack.

Slim, low-profile design

Unlike most back braces, you don’t have to worry about your Back Brace ever bunching up or creating a noticeable impression on your clothing. The low-profile design allows you to wear it under all your T-shirts, shirts, and tops without feeling self-conscious when you’re at work, gym, or while traveling.

Say goodbye to that back pain for good

With a combination of support, adjustable compression, and posture correction, the Back Brace targets all the main causes of chronic back pain, giving you long-lasting relief.


A lumbar back brace can provide the proper support to help your constant back pain. It is important to note that back braces should only be used when necessary (lifting or bending), as using a back brace throughout the day can cause atrophy in your core muscles and cause a further progression in your degenerative changes.

The tourmaline self-heating pad needs to wear directly on your skin to get to work. The heat from the tourmaline pad may cause your skin to become red, an indication that it's working. This heat can also remain for up to 2 hours after you've taken it off. However, if you pour milk over the affected area, it will immediately dissipate the effects.

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