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Catnip ball Toy For Cats

Catnip ball Toy For Cats

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1. Dustproof Cover: Each lickable ball has an individual clear cover to protect the treat from dust while preventing the catnip smell from fading away
2. Simple Installation: Can be easily attached to any smooth and clean surface, such as wall, floor, window etc. These edible balls will rotate as cat licking but wont fall off. Table tennis size, can be used separately, easy to carry and store
3. Improve Health: These licking treats have a great appeal to cats and attract your kitten to bite, thus helping clean teeth, remove calculus, increase appetite, relax and ease cat pressure

Material: Plastic + natural Ingredients include catnip leaves, silvervine, galls and glutinous rice 
Size: One ball: base diameter 5.6cm/2.2in, ball diameter 3.5cm/1.38in 
One set: 20*5.2cm / 7.9*2.1in 

Color: Blue, grey, white, pink, green 

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