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Copper Rain Gauge

Copper Rain Gauge

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Designed as an easy and elegant solution to measure rainfall, whether that be to make sure you don’t over- or under-water your plants, or to simply know how much rain has fallen out of curiosity!

What are the benefits?

Measure rainfall, monitor sprinkler output, and save water easily. Our rain gauge works straight out of the box and doesn't require any installation. Most importantly, it's made from high-quality components that last years and are winter safe.

How does it work?

Watch as the bright blue tube floats up in the quality copper tube to show rainfall or irrigation amounts. Our unbreakable rain gauge has big numbers so it’s easy to read from the deck, patio, garden, or lawn. Simply pour the accumulated water after reading.

Where to use?

Our rain gauge can be placed in the garden, perennial beds, landscapes, and balconies. Helps prevent over- and under-watering and keeps your plants and landscape healthy.

Great gift!

Our rain gauge is practical and decorative, it’s the perfect gift for gardeners, weather watchers, gadget geeks, and backyard enthusiasts. Easy and fun to use for any age or ability, and best of all, a great science example to teach the kids about water displacement. 

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