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Top-Rated Dog Foot Paw Cleaner Washer And Scrubber Solution

Top-Rated Dog Foot Paw Cleaner Washer And Scrubber Solution

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Top-Rated Dog Foot Paw Cleaner Washer And Scrubber Solution

Keep your dog's paws clean and healthy with our easy-to-use paw cleaner

Dirty dog paws can lead to various health problems for your pup, but cleaning them can be a real hassle. It is a pain to try and clean your dog's paws yourself, but if you take them to the groomer or pet salon, they will likely charge you an arm and a leg.

Our Dog Paw Cleaner is the perfect solution for keeping your pup's paws clean and healthy. This easy-to-use cleaner quickly and easily removes dirt, mud, and other debris from your dog's paws without needing towels.

Our paw cleaner is the best way to protect your dog from harmful bacteria and infection. It helps keep their paws looking clean and healthy - essential for keeping them happy and active.

Our dog paw cleaner is made with gentle ingredients that will clean your dog's paws without causing any irritation. Plus, With our Dog Paw Cleaner, you'll never have to worry about your floors being dirty again. Keep your home clean and tidy - and let us take care of your furry friend's paws!

Here's more about why you'll love our Dog paw cleaner…

  • WORKS LIKE MAGIC -  Just insert your dog's paw into the opening and watch as the bristles work their magic.
  • SOFT -  the soft bristles are gentle on your pup's delicate skin.
  • 360º BRUSH - Dog paw cleaner has a built-in 360º brush that thoroughly cleans your dog's paws.
  • CLEAN PAWS ON THE GO - The portable size is perfect for on-the-go cleaning and great for travel or home use


  • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 4.2 inch
  • Item weight: 10.23 Ounces
  • Material: Silicone and ABS 
  • Color: Blue


  1. Assemble paw washer
  2. Fill the cup with water and pet shampoo
  3. Put the dog's paw into the cup, rotating and moving it up and down to let the silicone bristles clean thoroughly.
  4. Take out the pet's paw and dry it with a towel.
  5. Pour out dirty water and wash the silicone brush.


  • 1 X Dog paw cleaner
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