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Double Layer Flip Strainer | Kitchen Basket

Double Layer Flip Strainer | Kitchen Basket

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Fruits and vegetables are important for a healthy diet, but they need to be clean!

How To Wash Fruit

Clean your fruit and vegetables without fuss with It’s Double Layer Flip Strainer. Remove the worry of unclean fruit and veg in your cooking as you can now prepare them hygienically with this strainer. Use the strainer layer as a draining bed for fruit and veg while you cook so they won’t retain water, or flip it into a full container to thoroughly rinse them. 

Vinegar Fruit Wash


Free Standing: Other colanders and strainers need to be in a kitchen sink. This strainer has its own water catchment area, so you can take it anywhere you need.

Fashionable Colors: The strainer comes in contrasting soft pink and white colors, making it a cute addition to your kitchen collection.

Flip Lid: In the closed lid function, the strainer acts an strainer basket. With the lid down, you can rest fruit and veg down so water drains off them into the catchment area.

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Save Time: Instead of going back and forth to the sink where your old colander used to be, now you can have it by your side!

Cleaner Food: It’s important to eat healthy food, but they must be hygienic too! Some stores don’t practice good hygiene, but this strainer will help defend your health from unclean fruit and veg!

Convenient Storage: The strainer is easy to store and with its lid feature, you can store other items in it to save kitchen space.

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