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Handy Plug In Portable Wall Outlet Space Electric Heater For Room

Handy Plug In Portable Wall Outlet Space Electric Heater For Room

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 Handy Plug In Portable Wall Outlet Space Electric Heater For Room

Heat up any room in your house in no time!

When it's cold outside, the last thing you want to do is go into a freezing room. The worst part, traditional heaters are often bulky and have to be fixed in one place. This can take up a lot of space and means that you can't use the heater if you want to move around your room. 

That's where our plug-in outlet heater comes in. You can use this heater to heat up any room in your house in just a few minutes. With our plug-in outlet heater, you'll never have to worry about being cold again. It's the perfect way to stay warm and comfortable all winter long. 

Our plug-in outlet heater is also really easy to use – just plug it into an outlet and turn it on. Plus, it's small enough to fit almost anywhere, so you can take it wherever you go.

The best part is that our plug-in outlet heater has an overheat protection feature, so you can rest easy knowing that your family is safe. Plus, With a range of settings to choose from, you can find the perfect temperature for your needs.

Here's more about why you'll love our handy plug-in wall heater…

  • GET THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE FOR YOUR OWN NEEDS - With a temperature range of 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit, you can customize our handy heater wall heater to your specific needs.
  • QUICK HEAT-UP TIME - Heats up quickly, so you can get warm fast. The heat from this space heater can be felt within seconds of turning it on.
  • NO NOISE - Operates quietly so that you can relax without any distractions.
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF - This space heater will automatically shut off when it becomes too hot. You don't have to worry about leaving it on by accident and burning down your house.
  • SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY - The built-in timer turns the plug-in wall heater off after a set time. This way, you're sure you're NOT  wasting energy and money by having the heater on when you're not home.
  • EASILY FIND THE PERFECT SPOT TO HEAT UP YOUR ROOM - our portable wall heater has a built-in 180° rotatable plug, so you don't have to worry about flipping the plug around to fit the outlet.
  • ADJUST THE TEMPERATURE WITH EASE - The easy-to-read LED display makes it simple to adjust the settings on this portable electric plug-in wall heater. 

Wall plug heater  SPECIFICATIONS:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Input: 110-120V AC 60Hz 500W
  • Temperature range: 15(60°F)-32℃( 90°F)(Panel display Celsius)
  • Dimension: 4.34" x 2.96" x 7.09"
  • Amperage is 3.18
  • Timer Control: 3 hrs
  • Area Covered: 251-300 sq ft
  • Power: 500 W


  • 1 X wall outlet electric heater 
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