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Heavy Duty Telescopic Tree Branch Limb Cutter Trimmer Tool

Heavy Duty Telescopic Tree Branch Limb Cutter Trimmer Tool

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Heavy Duty Telescopic Tree Branch Limb Cutter Trimmer Tool

Keep your trees and bushes beautifully shaped with the help of our heavy-duty tree trimmer. Our premium tree cutter helps you cut down overgrown branches, grass, and stems to keep your garden well-manicured.

Equipped with sharp blades, the branch cutter cuts through thick branches with ease. Even with its manual cutting method, the tree branch cutter is effortless to use throughout your garden.

To make things better, the tree limb cutter is retractable, letting you reach higher parts of your plants. This way, you can use the branch trimmer to groom the trees around your garden.

branch cutter tool

Best out of all, the tree trimmer is extremely lightweight, making it easy to carry around. Keep your garden looking prim and proper with the help of the handy tree cutter.


Properly maintain and groom your plants, trees,  and hedges with our premium branch cutter.

  • Helps you groom and manicure every plant in your garden
  • Suitable to use for various plant repair and maintenance work
  • Equipped with ergonomic and non-slip handles
  • Telescopic body for higher reach
  • Wide cutting range 
  • Compact and lightweight for easy maneuverability 
  • Multipurpose household use
  •  Made with tough and durable materials
  • 27"-35" length


Material: Aluminum alloy
Feature: Telescopic
Color: Red, Yellow and Black
Length: 27"-35"


1x Branch Trimmer

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