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Hydroponic Flowerpot

Hydroponic Flowerpot

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The Hydroponic Flowerpot is an efficient easy to use, automated device that assists you to grow your plants with ease. Perfect for homes, office tables, kitchens, and any ventilated location. Especially suitable for those who often forget to water their flowers or for travelers.

EASY TO USE - By just adding water once every 15-20 days, the Hydroponic Flowerpot grows your plant with ease.

ORGANISED - Care for your plants away from home. Busy Schedule? The Hydrophonic Flowerpot will provide your plants with the ultimate professional care. Say yes to Growth, and say goodbye to STRESS & ANXIETY.

CUSTOMISE - Personal preference, customized to your desire. Available in 3 different sizes.

SPECIAL EFFECT - You can choose to have the roots visible which can create a surreal atmosphere for you.

A UNIQUE GIFT - With our Hydroponic Flowerpot you can provide that perfect gift for your loved ones who love gardening or are simply curious about it, and it is perfectly KID FRIENDLY.

EFFICIENCY - MORE GROWTH - The Hydroponic Flowerpot system ends the unpredictability of withering plants. Without the mechanical resistance of the soil, seedlings can mature much faster. By eliminating contamination, plants are free to grow blissfully and rapidly.

SELF SATISFACTION - As a result of using our Hydroponic Flowerpot, leaf growth flourishes as does the blooming of flowers.

Living More Sustainably!!

Product Specifications
Applicable space: desktop layer
Color: White, Gray
Size: S, L, XL

Features: Made of cotton rope inner basin, water absorption, removable inner basin, plant replacement.

Product Included
1 * Hydroponic Flowerpot
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