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Hydroponic Plant Growing System

Hydroponic Plant Growing System

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  • This hydroponic system is a timed circulation hydroponic fertilizer. The connection sequence of the circulation system is the adapter-timer pump. Besides saving electricity this system also saves nutrients. The planting method is very suitable for our hydroponics.
  • The planting pipe is a square hole and square net cup. The square net cup is perfectly matched with the square hole, making it stable and not shaking. The sponge is easier to put into a square net cup.
  • This hydroponic planting system allows you to observe the growth of vegetables at any time. From germination to seedling, and finally ripening, record each process of your own planting. In the family, you can also grow with your child and study how to grow healthy vegetables.
  • There are tutorials for planting in our packages for you to plant and learn.

 Hydroponic System

WEPLANT Hydroponic system

     How Hydroponic System Works?


Hydroponic Step

     Hydroponic Step By Step:

  1. The seeds are poured 10% more than the holes into the container and soaked for one hour. Then wrap the seeds in a wet towel and put them in a dark and ventilated place, and moisturize them in the morning and evening.
  2. After the seeds germinate, put the buds into the sponge (ONE bud in ONE sponge). Place the sponge in the nursery tray (Put 2mm height of the water inside) and get the sun.
  3. When the buds grow leaves, pour fertilizer into the nursery tray. The sponge needs to keep moist.
  4. When the seedlings have three or four leaves, the root penetrates the bottom of the sponge. Put the sponge into the net cup, and pay attention to the roots to pass through the net cup.
  5. Place hydroponics equipment in a sunny and ventilated place. Put the fertilizer in the bucket and put it under the water outlet. Immerse the pump in the nutrient solution and plug it in.
  6. Check the remaining amount of fertilizer every 2-3 days. If the pump is not completely bubbled by the fertilizer, add fertilizer.
  7. After the vegetables are ripe, you can take them off!
  • You need to prepare seeds, nutrient solutions, and buckets with a capacity of 10-15L.
  • There are tutorials for planting in our packages for you to plant and learn
  • Suitable for growing most leafy vegetables, like arugula, butter lettuce, little Gems Lettuce, mizuna, and oak leaf lettuce.
  • Hydroponic vegetables require at least 4 hours of light and ventilation every day so that you can grow beautiful vegetables.
  • If you want to grow indoors, you can do it with a plant light. This way you can grow delicious vegetables without the need for sunlight.


  • Hydroponic Pipe and Bracket
  • 12V DC Brushless Pump
  • Timer 
  • Adapter
  • Square/Round Net Cup (36, 54, 72, 90, or 108 depending on the model)
  • Sponge (36, 54, 72, 90, or 108 depending on the model)
  • Timer manual, Planting tutorial, Installation tutorial.
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