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Interactive Cat Scratcher

Interactive Cat Scratcher

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Plastic bell ball in the track offer hours of fun and exercise for your cat or kittens by providing an outlet for their hunting and batting instincts.

The stable cat scratcher cardboard provides cats with a place to stretch and exercise claws, relieve stress, and helps to protect your furniture from kitty’s claws.

Satisfying the cat’s natural scratching and hunting instincts, this cat toy will help your cat get healthy claws, needed daily exercise, and good mental and physical health.

Durable Material: The scraper made of high-density corrugated paper is sturdy and durable, and the precision arrangement has high hardness. The cat’s claw feels comfortable, does not hurt the cat claw.

Multifunction: In addition to grinding the claws without hurting the cat's claws, our products also have played and sleep functions. Ball Drawing can give your cat a lot of fun. When it is tired, it can lie on it and sleep.

Protect your Furniture: You often see furniture damaged, with cat paw prints on it. You will feel annoyed and helpless, you cannot convince your little cute not to damage the furniture.

Product information:
  • Color: Classic wood grain color
  • Material: Corrugated paper
  • Application: All stages of cats
Packing list:
1 x cat scratching board (including 1 rolling ball)
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