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Interactive Toy Press Pet Feeder

Interactive Toy Press Pet Feeder

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The Interactive Toy Press Pet Feeder is a puzzle toy that enhances pets’ intelligence and brain development. It is also a creative indoor slow-feeding utensil for both cats and dogs.


  • Fun Feeding Supplies: This is a multifunctional pet product for cats and dogs. It combines the functions of pet tableware and pet toy. It's not just a slow feeder but also an educational toy that improves your pet's intelligence.
  • Fun Food Catapult Design: When the pet gently presses the button at the top, a few pieces of pet food are easily and randomly dropped out through its leakage channels at the bottom. The pet food can be filled on the tower-shaped food slope. This function can slow down the speed of feeding and keep your pet's gastrointestinal health.
  • Prevents Food from Being Stuck: Original design of the food outlet structure can completely prevent food or snacks from getting stuck when dropping.
  • Puzzle Toy Function: Pet is guided to use its paw to tap the button on the top of the feeder to get food or snacks, which is a reward for the pet's behavior. Doing this can attract your pet's interest, improve his intelligence, and relieve his daily anxiety when they need the company of his owner.
  • Emergency Automatic Feeding Supplies: This pet feeder is helpful to be used as a temporary feeding supply while you are out and can't feed your pet. The feeder can meet a week of your pet's feeding and allows pets to be feeding while playing.


  • Material: ABS Round press
  • Product size: 14x14x17.6mm
  • Weight: about 0.7kg
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