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Premium LED Grow Light Bulb

Premium LED Grow Light Bulb

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  • SUNLIKE GROW LIGHTNING: The biggest feature of this plant bulb is the sunlike light. Comparing the other blue or red light bulbs, this daylight will make you more comfortable and would not hurt your eyes at all for long-term staying under the light. Choosing this bulb is the best idea for your health in the long run.

  • FULL SPECTRUM: This full spectrum plant light bulb is equipped with 44 high quality, high par value and high efficiency LED chips. The wave of the light is from 380nm to 800nm. Similar to natural sunlight, ideal for all kinds of indoor plants at all growth stages.

  • SCIENTIFIC HEAT DISSIPATION DESIGN: The shell of this Led plant light is made of aeronautical aluminum that is a great thermal conductive material. The fin-shaped heat sink increases the heat dissipation area, which can rapidly lose heat and extend the life span of bulbs.

  • ACCELERATION OF PLANT GROWTH: LED grow lights promote the growth of plants rapidly for sprouting, growing, blooming, and fruiting. This light bulb is a good helper to extend the time of illumination, which will improve the yield and quality of plants. Plants will grow faster double to triple times that they are in natural light.

  • HIGH EFFICIENCY & SAFETY: Comparing with other similar products. Our plant bulb has 44 LED beads and the power is 66W, which can provide a strong and uniform intensity of light to plants. This Grow lamp has a larger lighting area that is suitable for the whole growth circle. Plant light bulb also has obtained the certification of FCC, CE, and ROHS, so the quality is reliable and deserves your trust.


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