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Micro Landscape Humidifier With Night Light

Micro Landscape Humidifier With Night Light

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Are candles just not cutting it anymore, tired of dry air and the aftereffects of gray smoke? Looking for something to bring salon-style benefits and ambiance to the whole family without breaking the bank?

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Ditch the salon and enjoy soothing aromatherapy at home! The Micro Landscape Humidifier comes equipped with a color-changing nightlight and quiet simulation landscape to keep your mind and body in a place of peace. Enjoy the benefits of micron mist technology and a built-in 360-degree spraying humidifier to restore dry air and keep you feeling relaxed and well-rested for hours on end. Don’t forget the kids; this diffuser is the perfect addition to any room, especially for those little ones who might be afraid of the dark!

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Nightlight Mode: With an array of colors, you can create a tranquil space or keep your kids feeling safe and secure with this colorful light-changing function. Choose a color or allow the device to cycle through an array of colors.

Micro Landscape: Enjoy the visual effects while your senses take you on a serene journey. These micro landscapes allow for visual stimulation through a transparent tank, making it easy on the eyes and light on your senses.

Multiple Speeds: Utilizing two speeds, this diffuser allows you to set it to your preferred output. First gear, allowing for a higher production over the course of 4 hours, while second gear gives a lower output over a lengthier time of 8 hours. Allowing you to set the stage for how you want to relax.

Anti-Dry: This function utilizes 360-degree humidification to mist the air and hold its moisture while hydrating your skin, letting you breathe easy, and kicking that morning dry nose to the curb!

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Easy-To-Use: Designed with ease in mind, this two-piece system is leakproof and easy to use. Making both set-ups and cleaning a quick task, lift the lid, fill the water reserve, and you are ready to go!

Automatic Power On/Off: This diffuser has automatic power on/off technology that is time-sensitive, so you’ll never have to worry about leaving something on again! No more running home to double-check you’ve unplugged all your devices!

Ambiance: Transform your health and home into a tranquil oasis of aromatherapy! Enjoy the benefits of deep breath and ease, or set the stage for a calm and comfortable sleeping environment for your kids so the whole family can sleep soundly!

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  • Material: ABS, PP, Silicone
  • Color: Pink, Blue, Green
  • Size: 10, 10, 15cm
  • Weight: 225g/320g
  • Packing Size: 10.3, 10.3, 15.5cm
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What Does The Package Include?

  • 1 x Micro Landscape Humidifier
  • 1 x Cotton Swab
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
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