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New Mesh Wooden Handle Sausage Clip Barbecue BBQ Tool Rack

New Mesh Wooden Handle Sausage Clip Barbecue BBQ Tool Rack

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1. Barbecue is a kind of barbecue equipment, which can be used to make grilled food such as lamb kebabs, barbecues, and grilled vegetables. Barbecue grills can be divided into charcoal grills, gas grills and electric grills according to different heating sources; according to different types of grilling, they can be divided into manual grills and automatic grills; according to different uses, they can be divided into household grills And a commercial grill.
2. The essence of a barbecue is to heat and cook food through a heat source. The barbecue in the narrow sense refers to a common barbecue, which directly allows the heat source to act on the food. The barbecue in the broad sense can cover different forms such as teppanyaki.


Furnace material: non-stick paint
Grill material: iron
Expanded size: 49*5*4cm
Product features: thermal insulation, lightweight, no space occupation


Package Content:

1 x Barbecue Baskets


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