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Smile Veneer (Upper & Lower Included)

Smile Veneer (Upper & Lower Included)

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Cover your broken enamel and teeth to have a great smile. You can eat, drink, and function normally all day, each day! 

It’s Fast & Easy 
No Strips, No Trays
See Results Instantly


Look Flawless – Achieve the smile of your dreams with the Smile Veneer.

High Quality – Crafted from a custom mold to conceal crooked, stained, and lacking enamel.

Save Money – Braces are the ONLY alternative, however, they're EXPENSIVE!

Impress Your Friends & Family – They will not recognize you with this life-changing device.

Medical Grade – FDA-approved, safe, and comfortable to keep in your mouth all day long with our clip on veneers.

Long-Lasting – Smile Veneer is made from high-quality materials that will not need to be replaced EVER!

Good Morals - We are a company with great ethics, we treat and pay our staff fairly and give all of our customers our respect & appreciation. Deciding to go with us means you're supporting a small independent company with a heart of gold.


How to use:

First, soak the silicone strip in hot water, then put the silicone strip into the veneers with tweezers. Secondly, clip on the veneers onto your teeth and adjust it fit your teeth. Can start using after simple clean. 

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