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Splash Pool With Sprinklers For Kids | Inflatable Water Play Pad

Splash Pool With Sprinklers For Kids | Inflatable Water Play Pad

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What’s even better than having fun while cooling off and beating the summer heat? Doing it while learning! In this Inflatable Splash Pool With Sprinkler, kids can have fun learning the alphabet with cute animals while they stay active by splashing around and keeping cool!

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The Inflatable Splash Pool With Sprinkler is the perfect hot weather toy. It is large enough to fit several kids at once. It’s easy to set up, and in just a few quick steps your kids will be splashing and getting sprayed with water jets for the ultimate cooldown. The bottom of the pool has the alphabet along with cute animal pictures that will help them learn all the letters in a fun way while they beat the heat. This splash pool will keep your kids and their friends cool as they play, learn, and have fun for hours in your backyard!

Splash Pool


Large Size Pool: This splash pool has a 68in (170cm) diameter, large enough for several kids (and maybe an adult or two) to sit or splash in the pool and cool off.

Sprinkler Sprayers: The outer edge of the splash pool has a ring of spray holes that create water jets, shooting water upward and giving another way to cool down.

Educational Fun: The bottom of the ocean-blue-colored splash pool has all the letters of the alphabet. Each letter has a cute animal next to it, with each animal’s first naming having the same letter.

Easy Setup: It only takes a few easy steps to set up the splash pool: connect the hose, turn on the water, fill the pool, and get the water jets spraying.

High-quality Materials: The splash pool is made from PVC material that is environmentally safe, durable, resists wear, and reduces the risk of a puncture during play.

Paddling Pool With Sprinkler


Learn While Keeping Cool: This unique pool toy lets kids learn while keeping cool. Toddlers can splash around on the cute animals, learning the letters and the alphabet as the water jets squirt on them. It’s a great combination of learning and fun!

Spray & Play The Whole Day: Just follow the few steps below to set up and connect the water hose and you’ll quickly have the splash pool filled with the water jets spraying. In just a few minutes, your kids will be splashing and getting sprinkled, keeping cool for hours on hot summer days.

Fun With The Whole Family & Friends: The splash pool is great fun for everyone in the family, from toddlers to Mom and Dad. Connect the water and let the soaking and spraying begin! You’ll have hours of fun and relief from the summer’s heat! Invite the neighbors over for even more cooldown fun!

Beat The Heat Anywhere: The splash pool is lightweight and easy to transport to any place with a water faucet. Roll it up and bring it to your neighbor’s house, to Grandpa and Grandma’s to the park, or the next backyard party for a fun play time.

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How To Use:

  1. Place the gasket ring into the hose connector.
  2. Install the water hose connector onto the hose connector.
  3. Connect one end of the included water hose to the hose connector.
  4. Attach the other end of the included hose to the faucet.
  5. Turn on the water.
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