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Teddy Bear Dog Bed

Teddy Bear Dog Bed

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Teddy Bear Dog Bed


1.The Bed can be Machine Washed or Hand Washed,You can Take Care it Easily.In Addition,To Keep the Plush Soft Smooth and Fluffy,You can often Dry it in the Sunny Days.

2.Glue Point Anti-Slip Bottom Design,Non-slip and Durable.

3.Made of short plush, super soft and super warm,Real Soft and Smooth Care for Your Pets' Skin,High Quality PP Cotton Make your Pets have a Good and deep Sleeping.

4.Size from 50cm and 60cm ,it can be for small pets from cats to large dogs.


Small: 17.7in Pets up to 13 lbs

Large: 21.6in Pets up to 20 lbs

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