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Waterproof Car Trash Can

Waterproof Car Trash Can

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Easily Keep Your Car Clean

Keep your car free of garbage, empty bottles or loose trash with our Waterproof Car Trash Can. Designed for moving vehicles, it features a tight lid that ensures trash doesn't fall out but easily goes in—easy in, hard out.

Easy To Set Up

Compact and sturdy, it can be placed anywhere in the car—including the backseat, next to the cupholder, or behind the storage console. The bin attaches tighly without shaking or jiggling around. It features two side pockets, a garbage bag hook, and a velcro closing seal for a complete garbage disposal solution.

Spacious & Spill-Proof

Built to be waterproof, it's spill-proof ensuring that liquid doesn't leak out—place wet trash without worry it will make a mess! Moreover, it holds up to 1.25 gallons of trash so that it's spacious enough.

Heavy Duty & Durable

Made of heavy duty oxford material, it withstands heavy use and doesn't tear easily. It also blocks any odor from permeating into the vehicle's interior. 

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