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Flying Pig Perfume

Flying Pig Perfume

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The flying pig decorative perfume has aroma and humidification functions. The fine mist can remove static electricity, reduce the radiation generated by the electronic components, reduce the particulate dust in the air inside the vehicle, and permanently eliminate the odor at the molecular level.

DESIGN: the design of the pig's nose is fragrant. When the air conditioner is turned on, the fresh scent will be floated in the wind, the wings will be designed with swaying wings, full of bright colors, adding fun and reducing the sense of driving boring.

EASY TO INSTALL: The clamp is magnetically connected to the main body for easy removal. It can be placed in the center console or inserted in the air outlet

WIDE APPLICABILITY: Flying pig decorative perfume is suitable for the outlet of more than 90% of the models. Be able to leave a fresh car aroma and experience the feeling of a new car again

  • flying pig decorative perfumes They can be cars, homes, office decorations.
  • As a decoration, it adds vitality, office vitality and temperament to the car home
  • Easy to install to car vents to decorate your car.
  • It is used to refresh the air inside the car to make the car environment more comfortable.
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