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Car Trunk Back Seat Organizer

Car Trunk Back Seat Organizer

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Keep your car tidy

Easily keep your car neat by organizing all the clutter. With our Car Trunk Backseat Organizer, your stuff can be well kept in one place instead of jumbling everywhere.

Backseat & Trunk Storage

Select between the backseat organizer and the trunk organizer—or both! They save space by providing extra storage to your car.

Easy to Set Up

Compatible with all cars, it attaches to the back of your backseat and occupies little space. Once set up, it stays in place and doesn't jiggle around even during bumpy rides.

Multiple Pockets

Featuring multiple pockets and nets, it holds lots of stuff—such as water bottles, books, loose items and cleaning supplies.

Heavy Duty Material

Made of oxford material, it withstands heavy use and doesn't tear under pressure. It's durable and resistant to water.

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