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Cats GPS Tracker Collar

Cats GPS Tracker Collar

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Keep Your Pet Safe

Don't ever again lose sight of your loved one with our Pet GPS Collar Tracker. Suitable for both cats and dogs, it ensures you can accurately check their location at all times and avoids them getting lost. No more stress!

Geo Fence Technology

Set up a "Geo Fence" and get notified whenever your pet leaves the designated area. In this way, you can keep your pet safe within your backyard, park or play area. It connects to your phone to make the tracking process seamless. 


Easy To Use

The collar is highly adjustable to fit all sizes. Simply put on the collar, turn on the tracking device and let your pet move freely without the anxiety and stress! The battery is also rechargeable so it's easy to start using.

Long Range

Using GPS technology, it has unlimited range to track your dog or cat. Don't worry about losing track of them or running out of range.

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