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Easy Fit Thumb Brace, Adjustable Compression Thumb Support, One Size

Easy Fit Thumb Brace, Adjustable Compression Thumb Support, One Size

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Help reduce joint pain in your thumb with a comfortable and adjustable thumb compression brace with a metal splint, ideal for weak, injured or arthritic thumbs

  • One lightweight and breathable thumb brace
  • Features a removable metal splint for increased support
  • Versatile thumb support with adjustable compression straps around the thumb and wrist area
  • Comfortable plush fabric with breathable air vents for ultimate comfort
  • Suitable for thumb injury recovery, alleviating pressure on thumb strains, sprains and arthritis
  • Universal size fits your [left hand/ right hand]

Quickly alleviate pain in your thumb with the Easy Fit Thumb Brace. This premium, support for your thumb features a removable metal splint designed to provide maximum assistance for your thumb bone and joint, keeping it in proper alignment all day, and aiding in injury recovery. Tailor the thumb support to your hand using the easy-to-use adjustable compression straps fitted at the top of the thumb and wrist area.  Great for all stages of your recovery journey; once your thumb injury has healed, quickly remove the metal splint, and continue to use the thumb brace with increased mobility and range of motion.

Suitable for athletic use or day-to-day wear, the Easy Fit Thumb Support quickly reduces pain and discomfort in your thumb joint by providing comfortable compression plus muscular and joint support. The unique open-hand design ensures you have full use of your fingers whilst the thumb is braced, meaning you can get on with your day without constraint. The plush fabric is fitted with ventilation holes and each brace is super lightweight for a comfortable fit, all day.

Not only do thumb splints provide comfortable joint and muscle support, helping to recover quickly from injury, but they also help provide effective pain relief for arthritic joints. A supportive thumb brace is a must-have medicine cabinet essential for the elderly, those with arthritis or active individuals who are prone to injury.

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